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Chef Johnny's iconic dessert/pastry cookbooks

Dessert Fourplay was his first and is essentially a snapshot of what he was doing at the famed Four-Star Jean Georges Restaurant at the time. It's full of insightful flavor combinations, techniques and shot sharply by Gregor Halenda. 

Sugar Rush is Johnny's second book and is geared towards those looking to build a strong foundation in baking and pastry. It's divided into specific sections that really spend time explaining and demonstrating the most important pillars of the trade. The step by step photos shot by Michael Spain Smith help the baker visualize each step as they go, providing confidence which equates to successful baking. 

You know what will help you bake better? A matching T-shirt to go with your book, ok maybe it won't help you bake better but it will help you look better while baking! 

"Get Your Sugar On" or maybe get "Paddled, Whipped, Beaten and Left to Rest" 

Not sure what to get? Too many delicious choices? Well then make the smart choice and just get a gift card and let them pick out exactly what they want from the shop and be the most thoughtful person they know.



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